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Dental Implants and General Dentistry
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The dental implant is surgically placed into the bone to support one or more teeth or dentures.

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Surgical Titanium Implant
Dental Implants
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The all on four implant technique suspends a full denture on only 4 implants. Most people have enough viable bone to support just 4 implants.

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Implant Supported Dentures
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The Leigh Smile Center offers a wide variety of Dental procedures, from cleanings to Dental Implant placement and restoration.

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Dental Procedures
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Regular brushing, and dental cleanings, help to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

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The above fee includes the Implant and the Implant placement only (the Surgical Phase). All other fees related to the complete dental implant treatment (Surgical and Restorative Phases) are explained on the Dental Implant Fees page. For example: A single implant with abutment and crown, at the Leigh Smile Center, will cost $3,990. This includes the dental implant, the implant abutment or post, the final implant crown,  and the surgical facility fee. Additional implant crowns, complete, are  $3,190 each (in the same arch, on the same surgery date).  If the second or more implants are in a different arch, the price will be $3,590 each for the first implant, and $3,190 for the second or more implants. The 3-D X-ray and the surgical guide are included in the fee.
We stand behind our work. Some dental implants do fail; however, this is rare. At the Leigh Smile Center, we have a 98.5% success rate. If the implant does fail, Dr. Leigh will refund the $1,000 dental implant placement fee, or replace the implant at no additional charge, within one year of placement.
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Welcome to the Leigh Smile Center website, Westlock, Alberta.

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Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you will find it interesting and informative. The Leigh Smile Center is a General Dentistry practice that provides a full compliment of dental procedures from cleanings and scaling to Dental Implant Placement and Restoration. We are located 45 minutes North of St. Albert, in the rural community of Westlock. Although we are located in Westlock, we serve patients from Edmonton, Calgary, St. Albert, Red Deer, Fort Saskatchewan, Sherwood Park, Slave Lake, Fort McMurray, Peace River, Grande Prairie, Spruce Grove, Barrhead, Whitecourt, Camrose, Wetaskiwin, Swan Hills, Edson, Athabasca, and other communities in Alberta. Many of our patients come to us from other Provinces such as B.C., Ontario, and Saskatchewan. We even have patients from outside of Canada. We have made every effort to organize our website so that it is user friendly. Most pages will have a "Side Menu" that will direct you to individual pages. Every page without a side menu will have a "Top Menu" (top right corner) with access to the same pages. If you have questions, please use our "Contact Page". We look forward to hearing from you, and hopefully meeting you as new patients.

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Alberta Dental Association & College Dental Fee Guide:
CODE: 79931 (Dental Implants)
Cost of Tooth/Teeth Replacement (Surgery Phase Only)

Our Fee: $1,000
(Includes the Implant and the Implant Placement Only -- SURGICAL PHASE)

SINGLE IMPLANT AND CROWN (COMPLETE -- Placement and Restoration)  ***  $3,990 ***

$3,990   Includes the Implant Surgery, Zirconia Ceramic Crown, Implant Abutment/Post, Laboratory Fee, Consultation Exam, CBCT-Scan (3D X-Ray), Surgical Set-up Fee, SURGICAL GUIDE, Diagnostic Study Models, and any extra radiographs required.  Does not include Bone Grafting if required. See our 'Dental Implant Fees' page for information on Alberta Health Care's partial coverage of Bone Grafting. Our "Dental Implant Fees" page will provide you with the information about the availability of BONE GRAFTING procedures that you may be eligible for through Alberta Health Care.  Additional Implants/Crowns are $3,190 each (in the same arch, on the same surgery date). If the second or more implants are in a different arch, the price will be $3,590 each for the first implant, and $3,190 for the second or more implants. SEE OUR NEW LOWER 'ALL-ON-4' OR 'ALL-ON-6' HYBRID FULL-ARCH APPLIANCE FEES ON THE "FEES" PAGE

If you are seriously considering dental implants, you should do some comparative shopping. Compare prices in terms of the TOTAL fee ... not just the placing of the titanium implant. For instance, does the fee include the 'Standard of Care' CBCT SCAN (3-D X-ray) the  Minimally Invasive Surgery Technique SURGICAL GUIDE, the Consultation Fee, any additional radiographs, a Zirconia Ceramic Crown, the Abutment/Post, and the Laboratory Fee? You may find SIGNIFICANT differences in prices from dental office to dental office when you compare 'apples to apples'. Our fee is ALL INCLUSIVE.

Your comfort is important to us.

When you come to the office, we want you to feel comfortable. We know that a Dental Office is not everyone's favorite place to spend some time. So we will do everything we can to help you feel relaxed, and feel confident that we are looking out for your best interests. We are a friendly bunch, so don't be surprised if you see lots of smiles. Whether you have found us through our websites, or you have been referred to us by an Alberta Dentist for cosmetic or dental implant procedures, we will take the time to explain everything in detail as well as providing you with a comprehensive and complete fee quote for every procedure. No surprises.

Providing Alternatives for the Replacement of Missing Teeth:

Before any Dental Implant procedure, we provide potential patients with a FREE Dental Implant Consultation. There is a $400 fee for a CBCT 3D Scan. PLEASE NOTE: If the patient proceeds with the Implant Placement and Restoration at the Leigh Smile Center, the $400 CBCT Scan fee is INCLUDED as part of the overall price ($3,990). This represents a large saving to the patient. If not, we will be happy to provide you with a copy of your scan.

Dental Card
Low Monthly Payment Plans.
Designed specifically for dental care expenses like implants, or any general dentistry from veneers to whitening or Invisalign and more. Don't wait! It's easy and fast. Simply visit the Dentalcard website for more information or call 1-888-689-9876. We care about making dental care affordable. See our DENTAL FINANCING PAGE for more information.

Dentists provide a valuable service to the public, and that service should come at a reasonable price. We believe it is important that consumers/patients be fully informed and knowledgeable about any medical or dental procedure that may affect their health. As a recent investigative TV program has shown, costs for dental procedures in Canada can vary widely. It is always wise to do some research in order to ask the most relevant questions of your Dental professional. An informed consumer is a wise consumer, and we make sure that our patients are made fully aware of each and every aspect of the procedure, including costs and aftercare. The Internet is an excellent source for dental information, and we hope that our site will be helpful in your decision to have dental implants placed. Since cost is one of the major factors in the decision to have Dental Implant procedures, we make it our policy to be completely transparent with all our patients, so that there are no 'surprises' or hidden costs.
At the Leigh Smile Center, Dr. Leigh performs BOTH the Placing Phase (inserting the implant into the bone) and the Restoration Phase (attaching the abutment and the crown) of Dental Implants; or, in the case of implant dentures, attaching the bar, or framework, that will support or stabilize the dentures. This can result in substantial savings to the patient.

Debra - Implant Treatment Coordinator  TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE: MOST IMPORTANT
Patients and consumers should be aware that there are no Dental Implant "Specialists" in Alberta or Canada. To date, the Alberta Dental Association & College, and the Canadian Dental Association do not recognize Implant Dentistry as a "Specialty" field in Dentistry. No Dentist in Alberta (General Dentist or Specialist) is allowed to tell patients that they are a "Specialist" in Dental Implants, or that they "Specialize" in Dental Implant procedures. This would be a direct and serious violation of the ADA&C Code of Ethics. The placing and restoring of Dental Implants is a service that Dr. Leigh (a General Dentist) offers at his Smile Center. The number of Dental Implants he has placed and restored throughout his long career, his extensive background, qualifications and training in Dental Implants, and his 98.5% success rate this year, arguably qualify him as an expert in Dental Implant procedures. If you would like information on his experience and credentials in dental implant procedures, or a copy of his Curriculum Vitae, please contact Debra (Dental Implant Coordinator) at:
Recently, the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO) has established guidelines and educational standards specifically for Dentists who intend to perform dental implant procedures in Ontario. Other Provinces will likely establish the same or similar standards. According to the RCDSO, "The provision of dental implant treatment requires a specific base of knowledge and clinical skills for both the surgical and prosthetic phases of treatment." The RCDSO states: "The level of complexity of the cases dentists elect to undertake should reflect the commensurate level of training and courses they have successfully completed and experience they have acquired."

As you continue through the website to the "Fees" page, you will find the 4 VERY IMPORTANT QUESTIONS you should ask of any Dental professional who may be performing dental implant procedures. It is important, also, to ask for a "fee quote" that represents EVERY aspect of the procedure ... not just the cost of placing the dental implant and the dental implant itself. There can be significant differences in costs among those providing the service, or aspects of the service (such as only the placing, or only the restoring of the implant, or both). Therefore, it is VERY important to obtain a complete fee quote, as well as information on the experience of the Dentist who will be performing the procedure, and with whom you intend to place your confidence. Dr. Leigh's practice is a Full-Time Implant Placement and Restoration practice.  Dr. Leigh and his dental surgical team of three Alberta Dental Association Registered Dental Assistants (Delia, Anita and Michelle ... all Level II RDA's) provide all aspects of dental implant procedures. His Associate Partners, Dr. Courtney Wong and Dr. Nicholas Teoh (General Dentists) provide excellent cosmetic dental procedures, preventative dentistry, and dental implants and restorative dentistry for families and patients. If you require dental restorations such as porcelain veneers, partial or complete dentures, crowns and bridges, inlays and onlays, teeth whitening, dental cleanings or many other dental procedures, our dental professionals are here to make your visit as relaxing and comfortable as possible.
Come in for a visit to find out about all our SMILE OPTIONS. To contact us, call: 1-780-349-6700 or 1-888-877-0737 (Toll Free), or email us at:

IMPORTANT: See our DENTAL IMPLANT FEES page for Alberta Health Care's possible coverage of Bone Grafting Procedures
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