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The above fee includes the Implant and the Implant placement only (the Surgical Phase). All other fees related to the complete dental implant treatment (Surgical and Restorative Phases) are explained on the Dental Implant Fees page. For example: A single implant with abutment and crown, at the Leigh Smile Center, will cost $3,990. This includes the dental implant, the implant abutment or post, the final implant crown,  and the surgical facility fee. Additional implant crowns, complete, are $3,190 each (in the same arch on the same surgery date).  If the second or more implants are in a different arch, the price will be $3,590 each for the first implant, and $3,190 for the second or more implants. The 3-D X-ray and the surgical guide are included in the fee.
We stand behind our work. Some dental implants do fail; however, this is rare. At the Leigh Smile Center, we have a very high success rate. If the implant does fail, Dr. Leigh will refund the $1,000 dental implant placement fee, or replace the implant at no additional charge, within one year of placement.

Patient Referral Form:

We would be happy to assist other Dentists with their patients'  needs for Dental Implants. In consultation with the referring Dentist, Dr. Leigh will examine the patient, suggest the most appropriate treatment plan, and place the implant(s). The patient will then be referred back to the referring Dentist to complete the final prosthesis stage; or, Dr. Leigh can complete the final prosthesis stage at the request of the referring Dentist.

We also welcome referrals for CBCT (Cone Beam) Scans with our Gendex i-Cat in-office 3D Imaging Scanner. All our Scans are checked by an Oral Maxillofacial Radiologist and a Radiology Report is provided for the Dentist and Patient. We can assist other Dentists with providing this service for their patients as well as Implant Planning and Fabrication of Computer Generated Surgical Guides for precision placement of Dental Implants. We believe in True Restoratively Driven Implant Dental Treatment through 3D Planning.

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You can print the referral form and FAX it to the Leigh Smile Center: 1-780-349-2626. Or, scan the saved form and send it as an email attachment, attention Debra, to staff@leighsmilecenter.com.

The .pdf file requires Adobe Reader. You can download and install Adobe Reader free by clicking on the hyperlink here: ADOBE READER    Download Button
Sample of Patient Referral Form below:

Patient Referral Form